Mama I made a snow man

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Manali is surely one of my favorite places in India.

If you want sometime away from the buzzling city life,then a trip to Manali may be a perfect getaway for you.

The long stretch from Shimla to Manali may seem to be endless and maybe a bit taxing for an impatient individual but one can never call it boring.

Nature at its best poses all sorts of unending entertainment for a weary traveller.

The snow-caped mountain which can be seen kilometres away looks like a perfect picture painting that I can never be tired of looking at.

And yes! While gazing at the white clad mountain how can I can ignore the melodious sound of the rippling rivers and lakes which soothes my nerves as we pass by the pristine forest of the Shimla.

Upon arrival at Manali, we were greeted by the polite and soft-spoken receptionists and was graciously ushered to our room by a courteous room attendant.  So much difference was there even with the behaviour of the people we briefly encountered in these places that it seems like I’ve stepped into another space and time.

As I check the room, aside from being fascinated by the beautiful view of the place which overlooks the hills I could not but notice the absence of the A/C which is unthinkable if you are living in Delhi. Only a ceiling fan was there which was not even necessary given the drop in the temperature at that time.

That is not yet all that Manali has to offer… wait until you see the picturesque view of a never ending snow when you reach the foot of that snow clad mountain. Don’t worry about the winter gears, it’s available for rent or sale at the shop where you’ll be passing by along the way to the foot of the mountain.

Walking and slipping at the snow is fun. Makes me feel like singing “walking in the winter wonderland.

`Mama, I made a snowman..”, the giggling six-old son, shouted at me, as I myself lost digging deep  my hands into the snow.

Yes, man… that sums up the feelings.

There are plenty of activities you can engage into here. One is the yack ride, another is skiing, snow biking is also there or you can stroll if not you can simply chill sipping hot tea, coffee or a choco drink in a stall while enjoying the place.

You might feel like the area is bit crowded if you judge by the parked cars which have jammed the road but really when you get to the foot of the mountain where the real thing begins, you will find that plenty of space is there for everyone to relax and enjoy.

Angelee Antoniette Jasareno



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