Taste Different Teas while in Munnar

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Looking for a place to escape the summer heat? Don’t exchange your Rupees into Dollar yet, nor is there a need to get a visa if you are in India.

You can simply pack and head to Munnar for a cost efficient and gratifying wonderful low temperature adventure.

Located in Idukki, Kerala, Munnar’s main attraction is its cool climate and the mountain hill view of its tea plantation.

What I liked best was the chance to taste different teas. It’s a tea haven for tea lovers for you can find and buy different flavors of tea at a reasonable price there.

Though I was not able to explore the place fully, still I believe it’s a must visit for anyone who likes hill stations, cool climate and beautiful gardens.

The cafeteria of choices for botanical gardens in Munnar not only showcases lovely landscapes but it also offers variety of products ranging from simple aromatic oils to beauty and wellness products.

An elephant ride is another story to accompany the adventure in Munnar.

By Angelee Antoniette Jasareno



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